Saybrook Point


Story by Barbara Angelakis
Photography by Manos Angelakis and Barbara Angelakis

Saybrook Point Entrance

Two Bridge Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

At the preternatural point of land where the fresh waters of the Connecticut River merge with the salty waters of Long Island Sound, you will find Saybrook Point, at the hamlet of historic Old Saybrook, Connecticut. And strategically located, just at the tip of land that fronts the mouth of the river, is the Tagliatela family owned and operated, Saybrook Point Inn & Spa.

Saybrook Point Reception

Innkeeping has been a Tagliatela family tradition since the ‘50s when the current co-owner, Stephen Tagliatela’s grandparents, hosted such famous guests as Charlie Chaplin, Howard Hughes, Jimmy Durante and the like, in their Castle Inn hotel. In 1989 the family opened the elegant Saybrook Point Inn & Spa. From the outside, the sprawling buttercup yellow Inn looks like any other pristine New England seaside building, but once inside the tasteful décor and attention to detail is reminiscent of old world grand hotels… with services to match. The lobby winds around to the Fresh Salt Restaurant named in tribute of the commingling of the waters of the river and sound, and ends in an al fresco dining and bar area overlooking a flower rimmed walkway along the marina with its vast variety of motor and sail boats bobbing in the water.

Saybrook Point Three Stories Guesthouse

In 2014, the Tagliatela family’s tradition in hospitality marched forward with its newly opened Three Stories Guesthouse. The 1892 landmark Victorian Italianate home just across the road from the Inn, had fallen into disrepair when the family, in consonance with their deep roots in the community, decided to purchase the old house and restore it… not to its prior glory, but to a state-of-the-art, green guesthouse.  Every effort was made to replicate the designs of the period including leaving intact the wrap-around porch… a nod to a gentler time when many social activities were played out in public… restoring the wainscoting in the dining area on the first floor, and the balustrades on the winding staircase in the entrance, at one time the only access to the upper floors. Of course the restoration of the building has incorporated the latest in technology, but accomplished in a tasteful homey manner. 

Saybrook Point Guesthouse Bedroom

The Three Stories guesthouse has eight individually designed and decorated rooms, all with water views and private balcony. Each comes equipped with fireplace, flat-screen TV, European bedding, heated bathroom floors, modern top of the line bathroom fixtures, and decorated with original artwork by local artists. Additionally, the third floor will feature an outdoor living room with a fire pit to stave off the cool breezes emanating from the water. Each room is named after a prominent historical local resident in an effort to preserve the history of the area. We were hosted in the Anna Louise James room. Miss James was the daughter of an escaped slave and in 1908, in true Horatio Alger tradition, became the first African American woman to graduate from the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy. She ran the local James Pharmacy until 1967. The room was bright and cheery, befitting the beautiful and remarkable Miss James.

Saybrook Point Guesthouse Livingroom

This adult-only guesthouse is perfect to host visitors for events organized at the Inn just across the road, or for small top level business meetings, weddings, family gatherings or celebrations. It can be rented entirely by one group, or if available, by individual rooms. The first floor has a beautiful living room/sitting area with fireplace and a large dining area with fully operational kitchen behind. The downstairs has a large flat screen TV perfect for watching sporting events, a bar, coffee bar and a separate play room with a billiards table. The landscaping obscures  an onsite parking area with a small but beautiful flower garden adorned by a hand carved statue of another prominent local resident William Vars. Vars worked as a railroad engineer for 43 years and Three Stories was his home… an easy commute to his job since the railroad ran by his front door. The statue remarkably fashioned from one piece of wood insures that Vars will forever – at least in the foreseeable future – enjoy the same river view he had for so many years.

Saybrook Point Spa Relaxation Room

I was attracted to visit the Saybrook Point Inn & Spa by their SANNO Spa’s unique philosophy of helping guests be well, look well, and feel well.  SANNO is a Latin word meaning to make sound or to heal. Unfortunately we visited at a time when the spa was undergoing its own healing in the guise of a major overhaul so I had to be content to luxuriate with a SANNO signature facial called The Four Layer Treatment and hope for another opportunity to enjoy all the spa services after the construction has been completed. The Four Layer was administered by Barbara Laraia, a talented and knowledgeable esthetician. The purpose of this facial was a virtual one stop shop for targeting fine lines, lightening age spots, and eliminating toxins in the mature skin. It was advertised to lighten, tighten, and brighten and I must admit that my face positively glowed after the 50 minute treatment.

Whether you are looking for a seaside holiday, a slip to house your boat while you enjoy a treatment at SANNO Spa, or a meal at Fresh Salt Restaurant, or simply a getaway with family or friends, think Saybrook Point Inn & Spa and the home away from home Three Stories Guesthouse.





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