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Sweet New York City

At the Gastronomy section of the May 2014 issue, we mentioned in passing - as part of the Paschal Lunch story - the Hungarian chocoMe chocolate/raspberry truffles.

We did a grave injustice to the chocoMe producers and our readers by not expanding on these outstanding chocolate creations.

The chokoMe products are hand-made in Budapest, using the best Belgian chocolate with toppings and fillings from 23 different countries from around the world. Several product groups are available as chocolate bars - 65% cocoa dark, 40% cocoa milk or white chocolate - topped with a variety of different edible flowers, freeze-dried fruits, nuts, spices and even a thin layer of 23 carat edible gold; all bars are made with natural Bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cocoa butter. Also available as filled Raffinée pralines, truffles, Carré (square, about 1/3 the size of the regular bar) and sugar free chocolate.

These lovely chocolates are available at several retail locations in different cities in the US and, of course, on line at

Try them, you will absolutely love them.

New York City is definitely a chocoholic’s paradise. All forms of chocolate are available at all times, including desserts and pastries. Traditional Viennese style cakes and tortes, donuts, muffins, bars, truffles, pralines, buttons, chocolate beverages, ice-cream, gelato, and even Italian chocolate ices. Eggcream anyone? Traditional Lower East Side eggcream has no eggs and no cream, but is made from chocolate syrup (Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup is preferred) and a small amount of whole milk whipped with seltzer water.

Sugartooth Tours

Two entrepreneurial young women have set up Sugartooth Tours; walking dessert tours of New York City combining culinary and cultural history with some of the best treats in town. They and the tour participants visit bakeries and artisanal shops that are popular with New Yorkers but are not in any guidebook. They currently have 2 hour Saturday and Sunday tours of culinary hot spots in Hell’s Kitchen, the “Sweeter Than Sugar Chelsea and the West Village Dessert Tour”, the “Village to Village Cupcake Crawl”, and – for the summer - “Ice Cream Summer Sundays” on Sundays at 1 PM June to August. See

We participated in the Chelsea and West Village tour, starting with big chocolate chip cookies and then exceptionally fresh and flavorful cupcakes, then going through the Chelsea Market for hot chocolate and brownies, and continuing on to the High Line, the elevated freight line tracks that used to connect industrial buildings on Manhattan’s West Side and was transformed into a public park in 1999. The High Line currently starts on West 30th Street and ends on Gansevoort Street, with access points (elevators and stairs) at the major cross town streets (see Because of previous commitments we left the tour at the High Line, but it was fun and, certainly, both the chocolate chip cookies and the cupcakes we tasted were terrific!

Fairway Ice-Cream

Finally, talking about summer treats, how about a nice pint of exotic ice cream to keep you company and inspire you?

The high-end supermarket FAIRWAY has partnered with Atlanta based High Road Craft Ice Cream to create their own original line of ice creams, using their well-known products of coffee, olive oil, fruits, nuts, and figs. For those unfamiliar with Fairway, think of dedicated craft and specialty food shops that offer the highest quality products, all joined together under one roof.

High Road Craft Ice Cream has created flavors of Fig & Saba (Calabrian Figs with hints of lemon and vanilla and drizzled with Saba – a tart grape reduction); Fairway to Heaven Coffee (folded with coffee cake crumble and a hint of cinnamon); Frutti di Bosco and Stracciatella (blend of Italian berries and cream with Madagascar vanilla and shavings of Valrhona Chocolate); Pistachio; and most surprisingly Extra Virgin Olive Oil - using Fairway’s signature unfiltered extra virgin olive oil - which turned out to be, together with the Fig & Saba, our favorites. They were creamy, silky, and just sweet enough. Another flavor available under the Fairway by High Road label is Bourbon Burnt Sugar (Sorghum, vanilla and burnt sugar) which I also liked. There are currently 14 Fairway Market’s located throughout the tri-state area. I found these flavors and more at the Paramus, New Jersey store.




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