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May is the month when flowering trees are in full bloom; the air is permeated with fragrance, and the sounds of coughing and sneezing can be heard throughout the land. We were saved from this affliction for the past few years due to a much greater one, not to be named in this column. This year of course is different, as we choose to be out and about even if it means we will be inundated with pollen because the unnamed affliction hopefully seems to be under control… at least in the short term.

May is also the month when we honor our Mother and other cherished women in our lives.

This year we have searched out a few gift suggestions, admittedly a bit off the beaten track, to add to the de rigueur delivery of flowers and candy. We are concentrating on some of the anti-aging products that we have touted in the past as we have found them to be effective in keeping Mother Nature at bay for longer than we have any right to expect. After all, none of us are getting any younger but in today’s world there is no reason that we can’t look, and feel, like we are.


Na Pali Pure is one of those products that deserve a redux. So far Na Pali Pure has only two products but boy do they pack a wallop. The Anti-Aging Serum and the Moisturizing Cream are meant to be used in tandem for the full benefit of a 44% reduction in deep facial wrinkles; a 37% reduction in density of those same facial wrinkles and a 20% facial lifting effect. Formulated with ocean botanicals, the rich serum and cream are recommended for both morning and evening usage and even after the first few applications I saw an overall brightening and lightening on my face from the effects of years of facial weathering.  Na Pali Pure is formulated from hand-harvested, Hawaiian Red Algae which grows in cycles so production is offered only in limited quantities and as available.  Other beneficial natural ingredients are added for maximum benefit and a full list can be found on their web site. Considering the quality, effectiveness and rarity of Na Pali Pure the price tag of $110 for both the serum and the cream packaged attractively is a bargain. Editor hint: Consider purchasing early in case they run out closer to Mothers Day.

REGIMENT Hair Spot treatment

I came across an unlikely beauty aid at one of the industry trade shows I attended earlier in the year and after experiencing its benefits I can attest that it delivers. As we age a major change takes place on our face… no not the lines and bags under the eyes… the thinning of eyebrows! I for one do not like the heavy moustache-like brows that young women seem to favor nowadays, but bald spots are totally unacceptable. Enter Regiment Hair Growth Booster Spot Treatment by My Hemp RX. This little roll-on liquid is a miracle in a bottle. One dab a day over a period of time and while I don’t claim to have bushy eyebrows, I no longer have empty spots that require precise daily pencil-ins. I love it when a product does what it claims to do and this one does but you must have patience and follow instructions. More does not mean faster, so once a day and in a few months voila eyebrows once more adorn the space above your eyes and below your hairline. Also check out their other hair growth products if you could use a bit of extra help on the hairline as well. For a full line of products visit:

Age Defense Cream 1

Another must-have product comes from Zion Health.

Summer is a time when you must protect your face with sunscreen - although I use it all year long - and Zion Health has a wonderful Age Defense Mineral Cream SPF30 Sunscreen product in a tube with a Light Tint so, two products in one and both Vegan. What could be better than that for time saving products that protect and enhance with one application. Called Beauty Balm, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid to increase collagen; Malachite Extract to enhance and brighten skin tone; Anti-aging Peptides with anti-aging properties; plus Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C. And in case you have allergies or concerns regarding efficacy of products you use; it is Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Aluminum Free, and Sulfate Free. And for ease in reapplying while you are out and about, Zion Health also has a Broad Spectrum SPF30 Mineral Sun Stick that you can pop in your pocket or purse.  For information visit

Coffee Bush

Most of us consider coffee as an ubiquitous morning beverage, both in our houses as well our parent’s houses. A nicely aromatic cup in the morning starts the day and more cups following are considered by many as de rigueur. There are many coffee brands and qualities in the marketplace depending on one’s individual preferences; starting with canned product in a supermarket and followed by specialty products from a roaster. Many countries and areas produce coffee of diverse quality, aromas and caffeine strength. In the past we have written about Colombian coffees (see Colombia article still in our archive), Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Sidamo and various other varieties and blends.

Volcanica Tarrazú

It is time to talk about another highly aromatic South American coffee. It is Costa Rican Tarrazú, this particular one from the Volcanica Coffee Company. It is grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil, where the cherries ripen more slowly developing more intense flavors and aromas. The single-origin, estate grown coffee is considered as one of the finest in the world. It is roasted to a medium roast to preserve the naturally elegant, clean and rich subtle chocolate with citrus notes flavor. It came to us in a 16 oz. bag as full beans that you can grind to your own requirements; it is also available as pre-ground. We prefer the whole bean bag because we have a burr grinder at home so we use it in a variety of ways to make coffee for a drip cup, a k-cup filler, espresso machine and pulverized as a Greek, North African or Arabic coffee. You could also purchase grinds (drip grind, espresso grind and French press) directly from Volcanica.




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