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Photos by Manos Angelakis, bottle shot by Fabrizia Spirits LLC

Femminello St. Teresa lemon

Limoncello & Cookies

In a previous life I must have been Italian from Southern Italy, as I happen to absolutely love dipping biscotti in my espresso coffee and a sip of limoncello afterwards.

The Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company was kind enough to provide some irresistible baked goods all made with limoncello and among them were some great tasting, semi-hard biscotti, made with limoncello and whole almonds.

Included in the package were also a small lemon loaf, 6 gigantic lemon cookies, 2 blondies, a whoopie pie, a cake-in-a-jar, and a 375 ml bottle of limoncello. A veritable cornucopia of great baked goods and a superior example of the digestif.

Fabrizia Limoncello Biscotti

So, this morning I had elevenses thanks to my trusty espresso machine and those lovely biscotti. For good measure, I also poured myself a shot of the limoncello which is made in New Hampshire by Fabrizia Spirits, LLC.

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur produced in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the coast of Amalfi, plus the islands of Ischia and Capri.

It is made by steeping the zest of special lemons in neutral spitit, usually grappa, and adding simple syrup. Its alcohol content varies, especially among homemade varieties, but it is usually measured in the 25-30% ABV. Traditionally, it is made with Femminello St. Teresa lemons, a vibrant lemon variety native to Sorrento. These lemons are not what you usually get at your local market; they have an intense taste and lemon aroma and a slight sweetness.

fabrizia limoncello bottle

According to tradition, this alluring, mellow liqueur was born in Capri, about a century ago, created by a local nonna named Maria Antonia Farace, who was known for her garden of lemons and oranges. Her great grandson, Massimo Canale, registered the trademark and began producing and marketing the aperitif. Although it's usually served in a shot glass, limoncello is meant to be sipped, savoring each and every drop, to help your body digest. 

An interesting treat were the “Blondies”. There were two in the pacage and, initially felt a bit oily. Once the palate got used to the crisp top surface, the oily feeling left and the actual taste kicked in. Considerably sweet; there was a taste of caramelized sugar, almost like the taste of a Greek mandolato. Excellent!

While Vienna has always been considered as creating the ne plus ultra of pastries, Southern Italy is considered as making the ne plus ultra in biscotti. And the biscotti sent, were as scrumptious as any, made anywhere.

The rest of the baked goods were also really good when I tasted them in the afternoon accompanying a couple cups of espresso. Yes, I know, I should not have so much espresso, 4 to 5 cups per day. But I can’t help myself, I love it.

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