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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Finally, after two plus long years, we are looking forward to a Holiday Season filled with the joy of… normalcy!  Did we ever realize what a gift normal was?  Of course it will not be the same “normal” as it was before Covid and you can’t stuff a fireplace stocking with normal but it is surely one of the gifts we can share with our loved ones this season.

Fabrizia Limoncello Biscotti

Last year we discovered Limoncello baked goods.

The Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company was kind enough to provide some irresistible baked goods all made with limoncello and among them were some semi-hard biscotti made with limoncello and whole almonds which I love with my espresso. It was a veritable cornucopia of great baked goods all made with the lemon liqueur emblematic of the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the coast of Amalfi, plus the islands of Ischia and Capri. Even though the Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company is located in New Hampshire their baked products, especially the semi-hard biscotti, are as scrumptious as any made in Italy. This year’s treats were a package of the scrumptious biscotti plus a small lemon loaf, 6 gigantic lemon cookies and lemon truffles.

In appreciation we have included a link to the company’s site Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company.

Moving on to luxury products for the women in your life, even and especially, if that woman is you! Products that can fit into stockings hung by the mantelpiece; that is if you have a mantelpiece, and in this day and age, stockings.

napali pure1

Na Pali Pure so far has only two products, but boy do they pack a wallop. The Anti-Aging Serum and the Moisturizing Cream are meant to be used in tandem for the full benefit of a 44% reduction in deep facial wrinkles; a 37% reduction in density of those same facial wrinkles and a 20% facial lifting effect. Formulated with ocean botanicals, the rich serum and cream are recommended for both morning and evening usage and even after the first few applications I saw an overall brightening and lightening on my face from the effects of years of facial weathering.  Na Pali Pure is formulated from hand-harvested, Hawaiian Red Algae which grows in cycles so production is in limited quantities and only offered as available.  Other beneficial natural ingredients are added for maximum benefit and a full list can be found on their web site. Considering the quality, effectiveness and rarity of Na Pali Pure the price tag of $110 for both the serum and the cream packaged attractively is a bargain. Editor hint: Consider purchasing early in case they run out closer to the holidays

Bio Box

Nelly De Vuyst is a Canadian based producer of a premium anti-aging and corrective skin care line that would make perfect stocking stuffers individually, or in product groups. This high-quality line contains every skin care item needed to care for and protect your face from the effects of aging and weathering; from foaming cleansers, exfoliants, eye make-up remover, toners, serums, oils and creams, masks and oils. I was especially impressed by one of their products that every woman, regardless of age, should use to protect her face on a daily basis.  Nelly De Vuyst’s  BIOSOLAR  tinted daily sunscreen with a SPF 30 and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection is available in two tones. If you prefer a non-colored product, they also have a translucent anti-aging sun protection that is lightweight and melts into the skin leaving it moisturized and protected, without a greasy residue. Another example of the “newer” type of body care is their PURE body exfoliating bar. This black bar of soap combines the “exfoliating properties of organic bamboo silica microcapsules with the detoxifying effects of activated charcoal powder and green tea for smooth, revitalized and luminous skin”. Visit their web site to shop and check out their special deals

Daily Perfection Serum

Now, here are a few suggestions that will keep you looking… and feeling… your very best. I have recently been exploring the health and beauty benefits of CBD products which are flooding the marketplace (see CBD’S TO BE OR NOT TO BE in the August issue of LuxuryWeb). CBD is a naturally found substance in the Cannabid Sativa Plant which for thousands of years has been renowned for its beneficial properties. It got a bad reputation because of the confusion with the recreational use of marijuana, a derivative of the same Cannabid Sativa species of plant. However, CBD does not contain the mind-altering elements found in marijuana by law.  Understanding the true scope of healing properties in CBD’s for all manner of ailments is still in its infancy but I personally have found real benefit in their use and highly recommend experimenting to find the best product for your individual condition.  I personally prefer roll-on pain relievers containing Lidocaine as opposed to solid salves in tins but I have friends that swear those products dissolve with the heat of your skin and work best.  As with all new products that you apply to, or ingest in, your body, be discriminating. In other words select products that use only the highest quality ingredients and that areindependently tested by pharmaceutical grade US laboratories that conform to GLPs (Good Laboratory Practices). Some of the beauty and wellness products I have used and can recommend follow.

Over the years I have tried hundreds of products:  serums, moisturizers, masks, etc. in all price ranges and from producers large and small but I have never experienced a product that actually removes years of aging after only a few weeks of use. That product is DAILY CBD PERFECTION from Zion HealthIt claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone, reduce redness and improve tone and texture… and it delivers on all counts. Perhaps the addition of 500 mg CBD oil has enhanced the performance of this product but whatever the reason, it works. Zion Health began as a company that took the health benefits of a special type of clay – Calcium Montmorillonite Clay also known as Kanwa – and built an entire line of healthy, healing, products that include beautifully packaged and fragrant soaps, deodorants, shampoos, etc. And while I have tested a few of their aids such as CLAYDRY Deodorant which comes in a variety of fragrances to keep you dry and smelling pleasant, it is the amazing performance of the DAILY CBD PERFECTION serum that make me want to try more of their anti-aging products. For a full product line visit


Another high-end beautifully packaged beauty product line that contains CBD is Liv Skin, a complete luxury collection that uses plant and flower extracts, essential oils and botanical herbs that have been time-tested over centuries in traditional holistic therapies. CBD is added to this combination enhancing the effectiveness of each item. The products can be purchased individually or as a group in a gift-boxed collection perfect for holiday giving containing full sized containers of Cleaning Gel, Illumin Essence Serum, Eye Energy, Firming Facial Moisturizer, Recovery Elixir, Clay Mask. The gift box includes an application brush and a small booklet describing the products and how they should be used for maximum effect. Given the potency of CBD contained in each product I asked the Owner and developer Susie Hudson and her husband Bruce, if a combination of products is used twice daily as recommended, is there a danger of your body absorbing too much CBD? Bruce responded “For those products, NO. If you break down the amount of CBD per product then spread it over 30 days, it’s about a daily dosage of 20- 30 mg”. Bruce went into some more scientific explanations about their products which reassured me of their purity, potency and effectiveness. He further explained that all of their products have been independently certified by pharmaceutical grade US laboratories that conform to GLPs (Good Laboratory Practices) and regulations set forth by the US FDA. To order visit

Be assured that every product or item mentioned in this Gift Guide has been used and vetted by myself or a member of the staff of LuxuryWeb Magazine and found to provide the benefits mentioned.

Indonesian Sumatra

Sumatra is one of the largest islands in the world. It is also the source of one of the most flavorful single origin coffees featuring beans from the Gayo (Mandheling) region of Indonesia. The brew the Alco Foods beans produce is from 100% Arabica, rich with low acidity, complex, and smooth with Earthy notes of  chocolate, stone fruit, and tropical fruit. Cozy Bear's coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers in the best coffee growing regions of the world. Alco Foods is an Indian based company for people looking to eat tasty, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients from local farmers and can be ordered at


Sherazade 2021

If you wish to surprise your favorite oenophile or reward yourself for a year well lived, I can think of no better way than a brace of exceptional red wines from the Donnafugata winery of Sicily. They are not inexpensive but they are oh so good! They are Mille e una Notte 2018, a blend of Nero d’Avola, Petit Verdot, Syrah, and other grapes and Sherazade 2021, an iconic DOC Nero d’Avola wine. Both are available worldwide and you can order them from the closest wine store or directly from Donnafugata’s website. I usually pair them with two classic favorite dishes Fegato alla Veneziana (Cipriani’s classic Liver and Onions, where the onions are cooked with the liver) or Arnavut Ciğeri (a Turkish iteration of the dish that is also Liver and Onions, but the onions are raw and mixed with shredded parsley). But you can have any good beef dish with either of those wines!

Camus VSOP bottle

The final suggestions are personal favorites of ours, Camus Cognacs. We enjoy tremendously both the VSOP and the XO. These exceptional eaux-de-vie from the Borderies Cognac area are distiled from single estate grapes from the smallest and rarest of the cognac growing regions. Both are orange/light brown hued with mahogany highlights. The floral nose offers tones of dried flowers, raisins and dates, prunes and violets. Both show a powerful but smooth mid-palate with the XO being much smoother than the VSOP. They are priced at about $200 for the XO and $53 for the VSOP depending on the retailer. They are well worth every penny!

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