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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Can you believe the Holiday Season is already upon us? This has been a difficult year fraught with so many challenges that we all deserve to pamper ourselves during this gift-giving time. It will be different. It will be virtual in many cases. It will lack the usual gatherings and shared experience of celebrating our holiday observances together. But, it will be a chance to show our love and appreciate for each and every one of our nearest and dearest… and ourselves as well. With that in mind we have a few health and beauty products for you to consider adding to your holiday gift list.

I joined the annual Organic Spa Media Wellness Experience event, which sadly this year was virtual, but it still introduced me to products of excellence that I want to share with you. This year many wellness companies have added products that use the beneficial properties inherent in the cannabis/hemp plant as a line extension to their beauty products. In addition to the intoxicating properties of cannabis that we know as marijuana, the plant also produces an oil derivative called CBD (cannabidiol) which does not cause a high and may prove to be a miracle drug to our aging population for its anti-inflammatory properties. With that in mind I have tried several and found their ability to reduce joint inflammation very effective.


First of all, I was attracted to Redmint for their approach to beauty as being more than skin-deep. Helina Fan, Redmint’s Founder and her all-woman team of professionals developed a line based on their own personal needs for well-being and health… inside and out!  Her philosophy using botanicals to create balance in the body is based on traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed over 3,500 years ago.  The Cream Illumine and their signature 5 Elements lines are a collection of creams and oils that are created to uplift and revitalize. Depending on the need to detox, energize, calm, support immunity, anti-aging, etc. different combinations of herbs are blended. Each herb corresponds to one of the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and in combination promotes blood circulation to nourish and firm skin. A complete list of herbs and their individual beneficial properties can be found on their web site at

Redmint 5 Elements

Redmint has also developed a line of herbal extracts that work in conjunction with their topical creams and oils. Plus they have a line of products that include CBD extracts for the added benefits especially on aging and inflammation;  this is definitely the beauty regiment of the future. Plus, Redmint has recently opened their first sanctuary in San Francisco at 1958 Union Street. The beautifully designed spa offers services based on TCM treatments and also sell their full product line at the Herbal Bar. A complete description of products and services can be viewed on their beautifully designed and easily navigated web site


Another line I was introduced to at the Organic Spa Media Wellness Experience event was Rhonda Allison’s RA Skincare line Pro Youth 10, which was specifically developed to slow and reverse the signs of aging skin. The 4-step procedure is formulated to Stimulate Energy and Cell Communication; Replenish Collagen, Elastin, Antioxidants and Lipids; Repair Glycation, Cellular Dysfunction and DNA Breakdown; and finally Increase Cellular Turnover. Pro Youth 10 provides a variety of levels of treatment depending on age and skin condition but for my mature skin they suggested to first clean with Foaming Peptide Cleanser to set the stage for an Enzyme treatment with Derma Peel, and then apply their Grape Seed Parfait Mask, and finally Hydrate & Protect the results with Hydrating Grape Seed Serum.

Rhonda Allison, founder of Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises, is known and respected world-wide for her innovative “cosmeceutical” skin care products. Her successful professional skin care company offers extensive education on all areas of skin concerns and she has developed specific lines to target many of those concerns, such as problems with Pigmentation, Acne, Rosacea and Aging, all described at great length in their Concept Brochures and on the comprehensive and beautifully designed web site:

Sanitas Guide

Sanitas Let it Glow1

One of my all-time favorite skincare companies SANITAS has released a new product that I can’t wait to share with you. It’s called AHA Resurfacing Peel Kit and includes everything you need to safely and effectively rejuvenate dull, aging, blotchy skin. It comes in one small package making a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.  Another perfect gift is “Let it GLOW” containing a jar each of Hydrating Sugar Scrub and Triple Butter Body Cream, both enclosed in one decorative holiday package.  Sanitas uses no parabens, phthalates, dyes, harsh preservatives or gluten in their products and are cruelty-free tested. I love Sanitas products because they deliver on whatever they promise and I have recommended their products to many dear friends, all of whom reported quality results. Check out their web site for these and other Christmas goodies and deals:


And let’s give another shout out for CBD (cannabidiol) hemp-derived CBD products that work on easing ailing joints and painful muscles. They offer liquid, cream or roll-on topical delivery systems as well as tinctures that can be ingested, containing degrees of product. Plus CBD Living does not limit itself to people healing products but has items for your pet’s well-being as well! Visit their web site for information and a list of products

Most of all have a joyful holiday, grateful to be blessed with loved ones that are still with us and happy memories of those that now live only in our hearts.

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